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Market offer for technology support in Italian schools heats up

Published: Sunday, 17 June 2012

With the recent announcement by Sanako and Toshiba of their agreement to work together its clear that interest in infrastructure support to Italian schools is on the increase despite sever crack-downs in public spending. Sanako will provide classroom-management software for Toshiba’s SCUOLA TECH project which provides a complete solution for Italian schools that are starting to utilize technology in teaching and learning. Find out more from the SCUOLA TECH website.

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Michigan increases number of Cyber Charter Schools despite local objections

Published: Sunday, 3 June 2012

Oakland County students who are already enrolled in Michigan’s only two cyber charter schools will have more options now that Gov. Rick Snyder has signed into law legislation that allows the number of schools offering all classes on computers to increase to 15 by 2015. Many Oakland County superintendents and other educators are opposed to the move to allow more cyber schools before there is more evaluation on the two existing schools that can enroll students anywhere in the state.

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Virtual Schools receive official go-ahead in the Philippines

Published: Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Open High School System (OHSS) Act establishing the OHSS as part of the Philippine Department of Education alternative secondary education programme was approved on 1st of June 2012. The OHSS will encourage self-learning and will start piloting alternative quality education through print, TV, radio, Internet, teleconferencing, multimedia and computer. The bill covers all youth and adults who have finished elementary education and all other who qualify for high school education. It will adopt the National Secondary Education Curriculum.

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Innolukio to inspire upper secondary schools and students in Finland

Published: Thursday, 17 May 2012

This week the Innolukio project was launched which is targeted to all Finnish upper secondary school students. Innolukio is a learning platform that aims to increase interactivity, create connections between students, enterprises and universities and to exploit students´ creativity as a national resource. The project also works as an accelerator in developing upper secondary schools and raising their profile.

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Georgia district implements virtual-world technology

Published: Tuesday, 17 April 2012

eSchool News reported in March on the introduction of virtual world technology to schools in the US state of Georgia. The purpose of this project is to help engage students which will begin by offering a 3D virtual-world environment to every classroom teacher in the 35 schools of a school district. The name of this project is “NOBLE” which stands for New Opportunities for Better Learning Experiences. NOBLE offers the ability for enterprise-level account management, school groups, and tools and procedures that make for a secure online environment for students. read the full article.

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Focus on the disruptive nature of innovation in schools

Published: Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Michael B. Horn recently writing in eSchool News argues that the extensive news coverage in the USA on the value or otherwise of virtual schooling has failed to address 2 critical strands of discussion at the background to these news stories. These are understanding how a disruptive innovation evolves and the role of public policy in shaping it.He makes the point that online learning is a disruptive innovation—an innovation that transforms a sector by making it simpler, more convenient, and affordable. Disruptive innovations have transformed many parts of our society, everything from computing to how we do taxes. But disruptive innovations don’t transform the world overnight. Read the full article.

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Advice on Virtual Schools to US Policy-Makers

Published: Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nora Carr writing in the eSchool News in March makes the argument that the success of virtual schools in the US is posing a challenge to policy-makers. In this article, Nora refers to various actions in the US taken at state-level to introduce new rules and policies in an effort to keep up with the rapid increase in virtual school interest. She argues that virtual learning is here to stay and makes the point that the key for school officials is to think through how to manage this transformative new opportunity wisely and well. Read the full article.

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Lots of interest in first virtual charter school in New Jersey

Published: Sunday, 15 April 2012

In the midst of quite some discussion in the US about virtual schools in general, the first charter school in New Jersey is having a lot of success in enrolling students for its first roll-out in September and has enrolled more than 300 students in its first week. The New Jersey Virtual Academy Charter School (NJVACS), operating under contract with the for-profit online education company, K12 Inc., has begun advertising its New Jersey program through traditional press releases, email blasts and informational events. Read more about this success in this article in the South Brunswick Patch.

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