Sofia Distance Education

Recording of the presentation during the Colloquium: 

Catherina Sawarell, Sofia Distans, Sweden

Mai Wall, Sofia Distans, Sweden

Ronny Karlsson, Sofia Distans, Sweden

Summary of presentation

This presentation was given by Catherina Sawarell, Mai Wall and Ronny Karlsson - Sofia Distans.

Caterina began by describing the service offered by Sofia Distans which provides online teaching in 17 subjects. It was initially aimed at Swedish students who wanted to study the Swedish curriculum but who lived outside Sweden, now the service caters for a wider community of 600 students around the world including students with specific conditions like Asbergers syndrome, students in remote and rural communities and school phobics.

Sofia Distans is part of the Sofia school in Stockholm and about 50 students are at both schools. They use First Class as their online platform. Mai then went on to describe how the school year works and how students can start at different times of the year. She demonstrated a teaching unit and showed how the online chat works.

Video is used extensively in Sofia Distans, both as a medium used by teachers to show how tasks should be done and by students to illustrate and elaborate their work. Study plans are available on DVD as well as in a compendium. The presentation ended with quotes from different students about their experience in Sofia Distans.


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