PSO (Portale Scuola in Ospedale) - Matteo Uggeri

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Matteo Uggeri, METID, Italy

Summary of presentation

Matteo Uggeri talked about Scuola in Ospedale, a national project funded by the Ministry of Education (MIUR) that allows students at every educational level to keep on studying while they’re ill. Previously the online platform ‘Hospital School Home’ (HSH) was set up to reach out to and support about 600 teachers who are working in hospitals. HSH provided financial and organisational information about regional school units and aimed to help users including regional educational authorities, parents and teachers find information and share experiences.

Due to a number of technical issues including a complicated registration procedure, the initial goal of the HSH platform was not reached and so the project team developed the platform Portale Scuola in Ospedale (PSO) in a slow step-by-step process which directly involving the target audience. After designing a database to hold all of the necessary information, the project created an online forum with an improved design (new colours, illustrations, user-friendly interface) where teachers could share good practices.

One of the main factors leading to the success of the improved forum has been the co-design approach, which has necessitated a close relationship between users and the developing team, This means that the forum addresses real needs and is supported by a good work team including a moderator checking contributions every day, a well-paid motivated teacher who acts as a tutor and active members from the Ministry. Together they are keeping the interest alive with real face-to-face events, an integrated blog of good practices (web2.0), press promotion (by Espresso), connections with other similar experiences and active operators in the field (associations).



  • Politecnico di Milano
  • PSO - Portale Scuola in Ospedale
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