La Bussola - coaching online - Alessandra Tomasini

Recording of the presentation during the Colloquium: 

Alessandra Tomasini, METID, Italia

Summary of presentation

In her presentation Alessandra described the project “La Bussola” which is funded as part of a bigger project by the local region which provides career guidance support for students in the region. La Bussola provides an online coaching service for final school students to support their transition between school and university and is a pilot service.

This transition has traditionally been very problematic for students, an issue that manifests itself in the very high level of university drop-out – almost 20% - after the first year in University. The approach taken in the project is to help students find out more about their chosen careers in very practical ways and one which places the person in the centre and not the job, this is considered vital as it is through such an approach that you can gain awareness about students’ own character and weaknesses and strengths. Las Bussola helps students find out if their personality, strengths and weaknesses matches with their chosen career path.

The project operates in 2 phases, in the first students find out about themselves and in the second they investigate their dream job. A typical La Bussola course last 6 weeks and to date 33 students have enrolled, and 11 have worked through to the end of the course. 


  • Politecnico di Milano
  • La Bussola project
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