VISCED workshop accepted for ALT-C 2011

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A workshop proposal entitled 'Investigating Innovative e-learning initiatives and Virtual Schools' has been accepted for ALT-C 2011. Organised by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and entitled 'Thriving in a colder and more challenging climate', this conference will take place at the University of Leeds in the UK from 6 to 8 September 2011.


The workshop will be led by project partner Nick Jeans from Sero Consulting (UK) who will review and reveal the research including a wide range of exemplar initiatives from around the world that will by then be published on the VISCED public wiki and which can be highly relevant to schools and colleges in Europe. Through open discussions, participants will be able to share their own views, experiences and describe e-learning initiatives that they know of or in which they are directly engaged and contribute to the research undertaken so far.


To find out more about ALT-C 2011, visit the conference website.


ALT-C, research, virtual inclusion, workshop
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