Ross Tensta Gymnasium in Sweden

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ross Tensta Gymnasium (RTG) is a public school in Stockholm and a partner in the VISCED project. The school is located in a low social status suburb inhabited mostly by immigrants or people with immigrant background.

Almost all the students have immigrant background, and most of them origin from the Middle East and Eastern Africa. RTG is an upper secondary school with about 750 students aged 16-18. It’s a general school that’s preparing the students for higher education, although we have two vocational programs. In Sweden even the vocational programs give the students the right for higher education. This is going to change from July 1st 2011. The vocational programs will no longer automatically give the students the right for higher education.


RTG is a member of Ross Institute. This means close cooperation with Ross school, Long Island, New York. The pedagogical concept of RTG builds on a holistic view with interdisciplinary teaching using history as a base. Arts, music and drama are often used to study and present as hands-on based learning. The teachers are organized in interdisciplinary teams based on the same group of students.  ICT is built in to the curriculum. Every student has their own laptop, handled by the school, and the school has a wireless network. The laptops are used in different ways and methods depending on subject. The computer is a central tool for learning, just as a book, a paper or a pencil. They are used for research, creating, publish, storing and administrative tasks. Wellness is a big part of the holistic view. RTG serves homemade breakfast and lunch and all students have P.E. all three years they go to the school. The premises are openly built.


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