Research project Assessment and Teaching of 21st-Century Skills (ATC21S)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Assessment and Teaching of 21st-Century Skills (ATC21S) is a research project that proposes ways of assessing 21st-century skills and encourages teaching and adopting those skills in the classroom.


Finland is a research partner in this project, where six countries working together: Finland, Australia, UK, Portugal, Singapore and USA. According to results learning to collaborate with others and connect through technology are essential skills in a knowledge-based economy.


ATC21S started with a group of more than 250 researchers across 60 institutions worldwide who categorized 21st-century skills internationally into four broad categories:

  • Ways of thinking: creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning
  • Ways of working: communication and collaboration
  • Tools for working: information and communications technology (ICT) and information literacy
  • Skills for living in the world: citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility


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