Presentation of VISCED at e-learning 'soiree' in Oxford

Thursday, 20 December 2012
Website Pamojo Education

Paul Bacsich and Giles Pepler of Sero were present at a "soiree" for experts in e-learning based in and around Oxford, UK. This was hosted by Pamoja Education and organised in conjunction with the Sero VISCED team. This is likely to have been the final VISCED dissemination event in the project's funded period – unless readers of this website know better! All guests got copies of the Handbook (Volume 1) and the brochure. Pamoja Education  is a virtual school based in Oxford. It offers a wide range of online International Baccalaureate courses and has been under way for three years.

The soiree was held in a fashionable Italian restaurant in North Oxford. Guests assembled at 5.00 pm and were greeted by Ed Lawless, the Principal of Pamoja Education, who was accompanied by several colleagues from Pamoja. Ed then introduced Paul Bacsich, leader of the VISCED project, who gave an informal presentation on 'Virtual schools – and lessons for virtual universities' – aided and abetted by Giles Pepler. This led on to a lively discussion, on change management, virtual education, open education (and open educational resources) and many other issues. The evening morphed into eats and drinks, and much networking was done. Guests came from University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University, Abingdon and Witney College, Association for Learning Technology and various people associated with projects and institutions in Oxford. Several guests said that they rarely met people informally from other nearby institutions. After the soiree a small group went to dinner to continue discussions on collaborations and bids.

Pamoja had also kindly hosted Paul and Giles when they presented on the VISCED Webinar earlier in the day - see earlier story.

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