2012 Report on Online and Blended Learning in the US published

Sunday, 4 November 2012
iNACOL annual review

iNACOL has published its annual report on the status of online and blended learning in US schools. Entitled "Keeping Pace with K-12 online and blended learning - an annual Review of Policy and Practice" this ninth annual report provides a comprehensive overview of various trends and developments. In their opening snapshot the authors point to four themes that stand out from their research. First that while many US states have created or allowed some online and blended learning opportunities, apart from Florida, no state has yet created or allowed a full range of online learning options for students.

Secondly, they contend that innovators sometimes overlook the benefits, and challenges, of “traditional” online learning such as single online courses that are made available to students in physical schools. Furthermore, they argue that developing an online or blended programme requires a high level of investment to be successful, or a willingness to work with an experienced partner. The final theme they argue is for states to invest in data systems, student tracking, and new accountability measures to ensure that online and blended learning provide both opportunities and positive outcomes, and stakeholders can accurately assess student and school performance.

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