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Published: Friday, 31 August 2012
Schools Open Doors to New E-Learning Rules and Ideas

This special report, part of Education Week's ongoing series on virtual education, examines how US state policymakers, educators, and schools are rethinking and changing the rules for e-learning. It provides analyses on the benefits and drawbacks of these changes, and what to expect during this school year and beyond. Read this eMagazine focusing on US issues.

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Swedish search service for learning resources

Published: Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spider is a Swedish national search service for digital learning resources. This service, which uses learning resource metadata for searching, connects a number of Swedish Learning Object Repositories and offers a single point for searching digital learning resources. The Spider search forms can easily be added to any web page or LMS using one of the Spider Widgets. By combining the Spider search service with the WILD Curriculum Cloud Service it will soon be possible to dynamically link digital learning resources to the national curriculum and syllabuses using Semantic Web technology. Version 2.0 of the Spider service will be released in May. Find out more.

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Finland's approach to education

Published: Monday, 30 January 2012

Finland's innovative approach to special needs is summarised in a short video available now on Edutopia. Early intervention and sustained individual support for every student are keys to educating the whole child in Finnish schools.Teachers explain their approach which includes obligatory weekly meetings for all teachers, an extensive student welfare service and as early intervention as possible. Key concerns and drivers of the Finnish system are equity and quality.

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