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Published: Friday, 15 March 2013
Public Part of VISCED's Final Report to the Commission now published

The Final Public Report of the VISCED Project has been published as part of the final reporting carried out by Sero Consulting Ltd. on behalf of the project consortium. This report provides an overview of the main activities and outcomes of the VISCED project and puts the various tasks that have been carried out in the broader context of ICT supported learning. The report highlights many of the achievements of the project team and provides a summary of the main findings and recommendations made as a result of the work carried out by project partners.

Published: Thursday, 20 December 2012
Website Pamojo Education

Paul Bacsich and Giles Pepler of Sero were present at a "soiree" for experts in e-learning based in and around Oxford, UK. This was hosted by Pamoja Education and organised in conjunction with the Sero VISCED team. This is likely to have been the final VISCED dissemination event in the project's funded period – unless readers of this website know better! All guests got copies of the Handbook (Volume 1) and the brochure. Pamoja Education  is a virtual school based in Oxford. It offers a wide range of online International Baccalaureate courses and has been under way for three years.

Published: Monday, 17 December 2012
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Partners in the VISCED project are happy to announce the availability of summaries of the main project outcome brochure in all partner languages. This summary contains a definition of a virtual school or college along with a description of the prevalence of such schools and colleges in Europe. It then goes on to summarise the main recommendations being made by the partners as a result of their work, many of which are aimed at policy-makers in member states. Finally it provides links and information about the project and where more material can be found. This summary is available in Danish, Estonian, Greek, Finnish, Swedish and Dutch as well as in English.

Published: Thursday, 13 December 2012
Well-attended webinar on project outcomes for VISCED

On 10 December 2012 the VISCED Partnership organised a 60 minute webinar on the main outputs of the VISCED Project. This well-attended webinar attracted 44 participants from 17 different countries, including some representatives of the virtual schools that have been researched as case studies by the VISCED partners. Participants could interact with one another and ask questions to the speakers via the live chat. You can now view the webinar recording and speakers' presentations online.

National Virtual Education conference in Finland

Published: Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The National Virtual Education conference in Finland was this year arranged for the 10th time. The Director General of The Finnish National Board of Education Mr Aulis Pitkälä opened the conference. His speech concentrated on national and international research results into the exploitation of ICT, which has not reached the desired level in Finland. He emphasised the point that in the near future, Finland has to concentrate on improving this exploitation as well as on teacher skills, usage of ICT in education and eMaterial. The international keynote speaker was Dr Anne Looney from the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment in Dublin.

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Meeting of International Advisory Committee in Berlin

Published: Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A half day meeting of the VISCED International Advisory Committee took place on the morning of Wednesday 28 November in Berlin. The agenda for this final IAC meeting included a presentation and discussion about Key and Critical Success Factors for virtual schools and colleges. It also provided an opportunity to review teacher training and most importantly, policy challenges, opportunities and recommendations for the future in a session led by Barry Phillips the policy analyst at Sero. The traditional IAC dinner was held the evening before, with a new innovation of a Guest of Honour – in this case Professor Gilly Salmon, a leading international light in online learning.

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Presentation of VISCED at Online Educa Berlin attracts a lot of attention

Published: Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nikos Zygouritsas presented the VISCED project on the afternoon of the final day (Friday) of Online Educa in Berlin last week. In a session, chaired by Paul Bacsich, entitled “Distance Learning and the Virtual School”, Nikos described the project and its key case studies. Due to one presenter being unavailable there were just three presentations in the session and this allowed an extensive range of questions to Nikos and the other two presenters at the end. A large number of brochures and all the Handbooks that had been brought vanished off the desk at the end and Paul and Nikos were surrounded by people wanting more information. There were over 60 participants in the audience.

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Summary brochure available about the VISCED project

Published: Monday, 26 November 2012

An 8 page glossy brochure summarising the main findings of the VISCED Project has been produced by the project team and is available for distribution. This publication is currently available in English however Danish, Estonian, Greek, Finnish, Swedish and Dutch versions will be available shortly. The brochure describes the prevalance of virtual schools and colleges in Europe and includes a series of short descriptions of examples, a set of key success factors and a list of main recommendations.

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