VISCED ends - and continues

Well, it has been an exciting couple of years! As I write, in a few days, the two-year funded period for VISCED comes to an end (31 December 2012). Both volumes of the Handbook are published in web and print. Some final work continues on polishing deliverables, right up till the last day of 2012. Many conferences have been attended and presented at. But all good things come to an end... or do they?

Well, not yet, and not completely.

  1. In line with the usual practice with LLP-funded projects, VISCED has two months (until end February 2012) to produce a Final Public Report (and various internal reports to the LLP Programme).
  2. A small Secretariat and maintenance team has been set up to look after the wiki and the web site for at least the next year. This will continue to encourage volunteer effort and other projects to update relevant parts of the wiki. It is likely that other projects on virtual institutions and Open Educational Resources will both draw on and contribute to the wiki. We foresee the wiki continuing as long as it is useful - and part of that is up to you, dear readers.
  3. The partners in VISCED have their individual exploitation plans and you will see several of us presenting on virtual schools-related aspects in conferences during 2013.
  4. Some VISCED partners will be working hard to embed more fully the concept of virtual schools and colleges into education systems of EU countries, collaborating with both public sector and private sector actors where appropriate to the national contexts.
  5. The new EU initiative on Open Education provides a wider context for VISCED partners to develop their ideas. One early example of this integration is the Policy Brief for UNESCO published recently on Alternative Models of Education Delivery, which drew heavily on VISCED ideas.

So you have by no means seen the last of VISCED!


But first at this time of year we wish you a good and hopefully relaxing holiday break with family and friends.


Paul Bacsich

Project Manager, VISCED




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