VISCED activity in 2013 - including to India

We may have been quiet-seeming on the Newsletter and in my blog but we have actually been very busy behind the scenes. A set of project Final Reports was sent off to the European Commission in mid February, comfortably before the deadline, and readers should see evidence of this real soon now when the VISCED worker bees mount the Public Report and the public deliverables on the news site. And conferences continue...

Tomorrow as I write this (Friday 15 March) I am due to teleconference long-distance from Sheffield to New Delhi, India as a small part of an International Conference on Education for All: Role of Open Schooling. There will be a news item soon on that. But what is already evident from the conference programme - a big download - is, that as we suspected, there is activity going on in India (and nearby countries) in virtual schooling that is not much known (yet) beyond India - and I hope to play some small part in getting it better known. Other information came in recently from a meeting I had with the Indian venture firm Kaizen PE while one of their people was in London - interestingly they help to fund the company that is providing the WizIQ system I am using for tomorrow's tele-lecture - this company seems to be popping up all over the world.

We are also finding, not to any great surprise, that there are still some virtual schools to be found closer to home - and one, Little Arthur in the Scilly Islands of the UK, already has a VISCED news item on it. We also have a bit more information on virtual schools and colleges emanating from the POERUP project as it has now done 26 country reports, widening the scope of ours in some cases but in others for a rather diferent set of countries. Deliberately, none of this has yet been put on the wiki because for the benefit of Commission evaluators and newsletter readers we want to maintain consistency of information between the wiki and the main outputs about to appear. But you will see some changes from May 2013. Indeed, for countries and types of institutions (e.g. universities) outside the scope of VISCED, you will already see some additions - in particular there is a massive update of Thailand that has been done for POERUP (this was not a VISCED target country) and as a pilot for some possible future changes it was done "in situ" on the VISCED wiki. Other "invisible mending" of some category pages and behind the scenes stuff generally is also under way. 

All this is designed to continue to provide a useful service to readers for some time to come. Even though VISCED funding has finished there are other projects and activities that will generate useful information on virtual schools and also on virtual colleges.


Paul Bacsich

VISCED Project Manager (nearly retired), now POERUP Project Manager






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