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Virtual Schools receive official go-ahead in the Philippines

Sunday, 3 June 2012
OHSP website

The Open High School System (OHSS) Act establishing the OHSS as part of the Philippine Department of Education alternative secondary education programme was approved on 1st of June 2012. The OHSS will encourage self-learning and will start piloting alternative quality education through print, TV, radio, Internet, teleconferencing, multimedia and computer. The bill covers all youth and adults who have finished elementary education and all other who qualify for high school education. It will adopt the National Secondary Education Curriculum.

The service will involve "guro's" (teachers) as well as "gurong tagapatnuboay's" (teaching counsellors). OHSS aims primarily at all out-of-school youth and adults who graduated from elementary school but who are unable to attend high school because of geographic and/or socio economic constraints. Find out more from the OHS Programme website

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