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Swedish virtual school for Swedish students in and outside of Sweden

Wednesday, 29 June 2011
Swedish virtual school for Swedish students in and outside of Sweden

The Swedish virtual school Sofia Distansundervisning (in English: Sofia Distance Learning) offers full-time e-learning to students in grades 6-9 through the virtual learning environment Firstclass. It complies with the compulsory school curriculum and assessment criteria. Its students are mostly living outside of Sweden, but students living in Sweden who do not want to attend a regular school for various reasons, can also enrol in Sofia Distans.


Sofia Distans teaches all subjects through internet, DVDs and compendia including theoretical as well as practical-artistic and laboratory subjects, and languages. The pupils are provided with a week-to-week planning and have an overview of their assignments that have to be submitted to the teachers for comments and marking.


Sofia Distans also collaborates with the Swedish School in Moscow, a Swedish school that follows the Swedish curriculum. It is open to children aged from 2 to 16 years old, and as Swedish is the school’s instruction language, pupils study through Sofia Distans from Year 7 onwards.


For the wiki pages on these virtual schools, see Sofia Distansundervisning and the Swedish School in Moscow.

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