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Innolukio to inspire upper secondary schools and students in Finland

Thursday, 17 May 2012
Innolukio to inspire upper secondary schools and students in Finland

This week the Innolukio project was launched which is targeted to all Finnish upper secondary school students. Innolukio is a learning platform that aims to increase interactivity, create connections between students, enterprises and universities and to exploit students´ creativity as a national resource. The project also works as an accelerator in developing upper secondary schools and raising their profile.

The autumn term starts 16th August with a national web broadcast. The term lasts for three months. During the term Innolukio is supporting upper secondary school students to be creative, innovative and critical as well as to develop their problem solving and team work skills. Innolukio´s developers are the National Board of Education, the Trade Union of Education in Finland, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Aalto University, University of Oulu, Suomalaisen työn liitto, The Federation of the Finnish Media Industry, Suomen lukiolaisten liitto and Nokia Oyj.


Prime Minister Katainen opened the launching event

In his opening speech the Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen emphasized that changes in society quickly affect upper secondary schools as well. He sees globalization and the development of new learning platforms as vital factors when developing upper secondary schools. He also sees Innolukio as a learning platform concentrating on managing entities and creativity, bringing enterprises, universities and upper secondary schools closer to each other. “This is a fantastic example of modern thinking and genuine desire to put the knowledge and creativity of students to better use. There is absolutely nothing wrong in opening the schools to universities and enterprises and to the whole changing world where we live at in Finland. In this Innolukio way-of-thinking everybody is a winner.”, says the Prime Minister Katainen. Katainen also promised that the first creativity task for Innolukio´s students will be instructed and given by the Finnish government. More information is available form the project website

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