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Emilia Romagna region launches the initiative Scuola@Appennino

Sunday, 4 March 2012
Emilia Romagna region launches the initiative Scuola@Appennino

The project addresses schools located in the mountain areas of the region and adopts innovative learning technologies to improve the educational offer in the mountain areas. Practical reasons often hinder kids from reaching a suitable school, leading to a situation in which kids of different ages have to stay in the same classroom. Funded by the Emilia Romagna region (300 k euros), Scuola@Appennino is coordinated by an interinstitutional committe grouping policy makers and providers. The project will last two years and address 156 primary schools, 86 lower secondary schools and 35 upper secondary school. During the first pilot year (2012/2013) 14 schools will be involved.

Teacher training - deemed to be key for the success of the initiative - will start in March 2012 and will see the collaboration of the Educational Sciences faculty of the University of Bologna. Notebooks, tablets and interactive multimedia blackboards will be used in each classroom to connect with other classrooms, explore the internet and elaborate contents. Technology will help in differentiating the educational offer depending on the age group and needs of each students in the classroom. Read the press release (in Italian) or view a presentation about this initiative.

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