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Checking out attitudes amongst Finnish secondary level students

Wednesday, 28 September 2011
Checking out attitudes amongst Finnish secondary level students

Recently published research in Finland entitled ”Upper secondary school 2.0” was targeted at students aiming to identify the expectations and issues related to the use of distance and e-learning from the students point of view. According to the report “ICT could very well be used to offer distance and video courses especially in those schools where resources make it difficult to offer wide range of courses.

Finnish upper secondary school students see that face-to-face courses are the primary form of teaching; still 88 % of them see that with distance learning they could easily widen their course selection. 61 % feel able to take part of their courses as distance courses. The national distance school network and local networks between upper secondary schools are seen as the best way to guarantee that them same courses are available to all students in Finland. In this research it became obvious that students also hope for networking and collaboration between different schools.”  


The research report in pdf-format (in Finnish):

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