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Published: Sunday, 30 September 2012
EIF conference website

The recent EFQUEL Innovation held in Granada, Spain on 26-28 September provided a useful opportunity for the VISCED team to share the main outputs of the project. Paul Bacsich from Sero gave a presentation entitled “Results as we near the end” which provided a summary of the main outcomes of the VISCED work up to September 2012 including the policy recommendations and success factors. An overview of the 2012 forum which includes recordings of keynote speakers is available here.

Published: Monday, 7 May 2012
EFQUEL Innovation Forum website

The organisers of the EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2012 which is taking place in Granada on 5-7 September have extended their call for papers to 31 May. This forum focuses on the following questions:  how can we turn our traditional educational institutions into (r)evolutionary leading organisations? and how can innovation be stimulated? At the same time the conference will observe and analyse how open innovation can be used to transform today's educational institutions. Find out more from the conference website.

Published: Thursday, 14 July 2011
VISCED at the EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2011

The EFQUEL Innovation Forum will take place for the 6th time this year and has been growing fast over the years. The programme of the EFQUEL innovation forum is now fully available online, headliners are Paul Bacsich, Steve Wheeler, Yves Punie, Asha Kanwar and Wayne Mackintosh.

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