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Published: Saturday, 15 September 2012
ALT C website

Barry Phillips from Sero Consulting gave a well-received presentation at the recent ALT conference held in the University of Manchester from 11 - 13 September. Barry highlighted the first set of policy recommendations emerging from the work of the VISCED team during his presentation. The conference, entitled  ALT-C 2012 – a confrontation with reality brought together a variety of different voices, largely coming from UK higher education but with a significant number of people from the college sector which was of particular interest for the VISCED team. More information about the conference is available from the ALT C website.

Published: Tuesday, 17 April 2012
Advice on Virtual Schools to US Policy-Makers

Nora Carr writing in the eSchool News in March makes the argument that the success of virtual schools in the US is posing a challenge to policy-makers. In this article, Nora refers to various actions in the US taken at state-level to introduce new rules and policies in an effort to keep up with the rapid increase in virtual school interest. She argues that virtual learning is here to stay and makes the point that the key for school officials is to think through how to manage this transformative new opportunity wisely and well. Read the full article.

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Published: Wednesday, 4 April 2012
Cover of Finnish Lessons

"Finnish Lessons" is written by Pasi Sahlberg and recounts the history of Finnish educational reform and describes how the Finnish strategy and tactics differ from those of the global educational reform movement and of the North American reforms in particular.This book also addresses the role of teachers as well as the links between education reform and other sectors of society, and how smart education policies serve to raise a nation's prosperity and reduce poverty.

Rather than proposing that other nations follow in Finland's path, Finnish Lessons documents how Finland achieved success without going through the arduous and controversial process of implementing competition, school choice, and test-based accountability.

Published: Tuesday, 13 March 2012
image from eSchool News

Virtual schooling is in the headlines again this week in the US. Writing in eSchool News, Nora Carr argues that articulating clear online learning policies and communicating these to stakeholders will help garner support Whether blended with more traditional instructional methods as a dual enrollment opportunity, or offered via an online-only school. She goes on to say that the key for school officials is to think through how to manage this transformative new opportunity wisely and well. Having smart policies in place that articulate the school board’s position or philosophy about online learning and provide guidance to students, staff, and parents represents a good starting point. Read the full article.

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Published: Thursday, 10 November 2011
UNESCO (2011)Transforming Education: The Power of ICT Policies

This recently published UNESCO report cites examples of ICT take-up from different regions of the world – Africa, Arab region, Asia and Latin America – and provides a good illustration of the changes that ICT bring to education systems and policies.

Published: Tuesday, 28 June 2011
Agreement on the new Government Programme in Finland

On Friday, 17 June, the negotiators to form a new government reached agreement on the new Government Programme entitled An Open, Fair and Bold Finland.

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Published: Monday, 27 June 2011
ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents addresses institutions’ resistance to e-learning

During the recently held 2011 ICDE Standing Conference in New York, USA on 19-22 June, University Presidents held discussions on why universities have not advanced political and societal acceptance for the open and online delivery of education and addressed criticism about the lack of acceptance for open and distance learning.

Published: Tuesday, 14 June 2011
©UNESCO/Darryl EvansComputer lesson, South Africa

This summit which took place from 8-10 June was organised by UNESCO (Teacher Policy and Development Section) and a variety of other organisations including Kennisnet from the Netherlands. It brought together some 120 prominent stakeholders to examine the impact of evidence and dissemination strategies on future ICT policies and practices globally.

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