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VISCED literature search grows - 173 entries and climbing

In order to begin planning for some of the WP3 and WP4 tasks - in particular to get a global overview of the "virtual school" phenomenon, especially its research and taxonomy aspects, I have done a "dawn raid" on the Mendeley database for literature on virtual schools and colleges. Completely unlike our recent experience at Sero with literature on OER, where there is plenty of literature but little of it on Mendeley (till we started), I discovered lots of material - 155 items to be precise.  Now there are 173 items in this group -

These have been a little tidied up, with obvious duplicates removed, and some simple tagging has been done - usually just of the country/region if it is not the US but sometimes a bit more - like "Evaluation" or "Bibliography".

Also I have flagged about 50 with the "Favourite" button - a yellow star. These are the ones which  - in my opinion only - are likely to be of most interest to one or other of the partners.

See what you think - and let me know - on Mendeley. It's easy for anyone Follow the group, but I suggest that VISCED team members get some practice first before they ask me to make them a Member of the group as there is quite a lot to learn about the system. Why not set up your own partner group and when confident you can copy the references across?


Here are a few references to check out:

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Paul Bacsich, VISCED project manager

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